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Join us and other specialty pharmacy thought leaders in shaping the future of therapy delivery.

tda-lgEscalating hospital and pharmaceutical costs, safety issues, and recent trends favoring micro dosing, use of biologics and ambulatory infusion therapies – these are all factors of a highly complex and rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry. The Therapy Delivery Advancement (TDA) Circle presents an ideal platform from which to innovate and advance industry-leading home infusion therapies.

The new Therapy Delivery Advancement Circle is a consortium of specialty pharmacists, infusion technology experts and therapy advocates with the desire to advance patient safety and care. Participants have opportunities to collaborate on research, develop and publish scientific works and evaluate and consult on new devices and technologies.*

*Moog medical Devices Group reserves the right to authorize participation.

The TDA Circle:

  • Evaluates the latest infusion devices and delivery techniques.
    Review and assess methods, prototypes and technologies that more proactively and effectively manage industry demand for home infusion.
  • Conducts industry research and co-authors white papers.
    Collaborate on and publish original research that drives advancements in infusion devices and prescribed therapy delivery.

  • Is on the forefront of new biologics and micro dosing trends.
    Put biologics and micro dosing to practice while increasing clinical accuracy, reducing costs and treating disease on a more personalized level.
  • Forges a strong network of industry professionals.
    Align with other infusion specialists and thought leaders who want to challenge the industry to a new standard of care.

Together we can bring the home infusion therapy industry to a new standard of excellence.

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